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TD Pump

The Clyde TD-Pump range has been specifically designed to handle very large throughputs of fly ash (or similar fluidisable powders) at transfer distances of up to 1600m.

With TD-Pump technology, the discharge pipe exits through the top section of the vessel and fluidising from below ensures smooth and consistent discharge throughout the pipe loading cycle.

Key Features:

Large Capacity Pumping system These machines range from 2.5 - 23.5 cu.m giving it a respectable conveying capacity ranging from 25 - 300 tph at distances up to 1800m

Standard material fluidising aids A fully fluidised base section together with an air blend spool in the discharge pipe ensures consistant discharge

Single or Multi-outlet Configuration Can be configured with multiple machines onto a single dedicated conveying pipeline when used in conjunction with our Dome Switch Valve


Single stage long distance conveying Ability to convey over long distances means costly transfer stations can be avoided