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Advanced Dense Phase Pneumatic Conveying

For transporting fine or coarse materials. Dense-phase pneumatic conveying uses positive pressure to push material along a pipeline in a plug form at low velocities.

Clyde Pneumatic Conveying uses true low velocity non-suspended dense phase mode of conveying. This is the most efficient form of pneumatic conveying and uses the least amount of air to convey the material. The air to material ratios can be between 25 – 200 depending on the material and conveying distance. These systems are capable of conveying from very short distance up to 1800m and can achieve conveying rates up to 300 tph.

Dense phase conveying is not only the most efficient mode of pneumatic conveying it also reduces the wear in the conveying pipe and bends, this makes it very attractive for conveying highly abrasive material. The Clyde conveying system uses stepped conveying to keep the air velocities in the optimal range resulting in higher throughputs than other similar technologies. By combining these features the Clyde system is able to reduce maintenance cost substantially when compared with alternative technologies.

The Clyde Pneumatic Conveying system incorporates world renowned Dome Valve which incorporates an inflatable seal. Dome valve is proven to be the most reliable wear resistant valve available in the market and is preferred in Pneumatic Conveying systems handling highly abrasive and sticky materials. Dome Valves are available in different variants i.e. for high temperature applications that can handle material up to 450°C, Electro-less nickel plate flat top Dome for sticky and chemically active materials.

Typical Products Conveyed

Application of dense-phase pneumatic conveying requires deep understanding of the materials to be handled and their key characteristics such as particle size, shape, bulk density and chemical composition. Typical materials conveyed are ash, limestone, granular coal, cement, sand, gypsum and many more. Clyde underpins its design process with a vast empirical database of a wide selection of these materials enabling us to make you a robust technical solution every time.

Unlike other conveying techniques such as lean phase pneumatic and mechanical, the Clyde Pneumatic Conveying system is extremely well suited to handling the most abrasive materials.