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The Clyde Rotofeed Injection technology is design to provide highly accurate and consistently controlled batch or continuous injection of material directly into a process environment, such as blast furnace or power boiler or similar.

Material is fed from a dispense vessel via the Rotofeeder which is driven by a variable speed electric motor to control the feed of material into the injection pipeline.

Key Features:

Continuous or Batch Feed | Injection Batch or continuously injection when installed fitted with a lock hopper

Wide Control over Feed Rate Variably controlled driven motor provides a 10:1 system turndown or ramp up

High Accuracy over Rate of Injection when fitted with load cells accuracies of 1 - 2% by weight (gravimetric) without load cells 5 - 10% (volumetric)


Extremely Reliable Incorporating only tried and tested key components resulting in highly reliable operation in a wide range of applications

High Availability over 3,000,000 cycles between major overhauls and 1,000,000 cycles for seal replacement