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The Clyde PD-Pump is a variation of the standard Clyde Denseveyor and is used extensively within heavy industry for transporting dust and similar fluidisable materials at high efficiencies and large throughputs over 200 - 800m.

The PD-Pump is fitted with an outlet Dome Valve which is uniquely operated to maximise the phase density of the system to ensure the most effective use of compressed air during the transfer cycle.

Key Features:

Wide Range of Sizes Available These machines range from 0.08 - 4.2 cu.m giving it a respectable conveying capacity ranging from 1.0 - 100 tph at distances up to 800m

Heavy Duty Pneumatic Valves Fitted with the original Dome Valve throughout, the PD-Pump is highly reliable even in the most difficult of applications

Extremely Efficient High phase densities make this one of the most energy efficient conveying machines on the market