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MD Pump (Tube)

The Clyde MD-Pump fly ash conveying system has been developed mainly for large capacity ESP or Fabric Filter collection systems with multiple collection hoppers.

MD-Pumps (Tube) are generally fitted to the last rows of an ESP where ash accumulation is the lowest. Equally, suited to small and medium sized Fabric Filters where ash distribution is equal.

Ultra-efficient conveying through carefully controlled loading of the conveying pipelines

Key Features:

Wide Range of Sizes Available These machines range from 0.11 - 0.67 cu.m giving it a conveying capacity ranging from 1.0 - 25.0 tph at distances up to 1200m

Fluidising Discharge Aids Interconnecting autoflow pipeline together with vessel cone fluidising and ABS ensures efficient loading of the conveying pipeline

Multi-outlet Configuration Can be configured with multiple machines onto a single dedicated conveying pipeline from either 2 up to 8 on a common pipeline


Extremely Efficient High phase densities make this one of the most energy efficient conveying machines on the market