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The Clyde HELIX is designed to accurately and reliably inject fuel or other materials, either continuously or on a batch basis into process.

The system is capable of injecting with accuracies from 0.5 - 2% depending on control system methods.

Materials can be injected into processes at distances of up to 500m with back pressures of up to 30 barg

Key Features:

Dome Valve Inflatable Sealing Mechanism The fast closing bulk material cut-off Dome Valve incorporates a unique pressure tight sealing arrangement

Improved Shaft Sealing pressure balanced mechanical seals

Quick Change Bearings modular quick change seal/bearing cartridges

Heavy Duty Auger slow running manufactured from Hardox

Heavy Duty Gearbox 80,000 hour AGMA rating

ATEX Rated rated to ExII 3D T125Ct

Pressure Resistant up to 24 barg pressure shock resistance