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Dustcatcher Dome Valve

The Dustcatcher Dome Valve has been developed on the back of years of success with the Clyde Dome Valve. Purposely designed bulk materials shutoff valves for use in the main dust collection process line of any blast furnace.

Iron Oxide dust is a continuous byproduct of the iron making process and must be collected and disposed of on a regular basis to ensure proper availability and performance of the iron making process.

Key Features:

Inflatable Sealing Mechanism The fast closing bulk material cut-off Dome Valve incorporates a unique pressure tight sealing arrangement. This is achieved by using an inflatable seal, which is automatically inflated on closure of the valve and deflated upon opening

Nominal Bores DN200 - 500 mm

Temperature Range D-20 to 450 deg C

High Availability over 1,000,000 cycles between major overhauls and 200,000 cycles for seal replacement based on industry normal operating conditions

Custom Features:

Actuation Operation by Air or Hydraulic Cylinder

Internal Protection Critical dust impact areas can be lined with ceramic tile or similar abrasion resistance products