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D Pump

The Clyde D-Pump technology is our most advanced Smart pumping technology. By incorporating automatic modulation of the outlet Dome Valve we are able to transport an extremely wide range of solid materials.

The D-Pump is very well suited for high capacity and longer distance applications whilst in parallel will perform excellently with applications where solid materials are variable

Key Features:

Large range of sizes available This technology ranges from 0.2 - 13.0 cu.m giving it a conveying capacity ranging from 1.0 - 250 tph at distances up to 1.5 km

Anti-Blocking System (ABS) The outlet Dome Valve is fitted with a state-of-the-art digital valve positioner to enable a controlled discharge into the conveying pipeline

Continuous or Batch Mode Conveying Either with a single vessel for lower distance and capacity conveying or double-configuration for larger applications the D-Pump is able to meet most bulk materials handling challenges

Extremely Reliable Incorporating only tried and tested key components resulting in highly reliable operation in a wide range of applications