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Ash Vessel (Compact)

The Clyde Ash Vessel Compact has been designed specifically to handle small quantities of coarse material across a wide range of applications.

Originally developed to handle boiler grit from multiple collection points on industrial shell boiler grit arrestors where the collection rate of grit is very small.

Best suited to conveying coarse or fine gritty materials up to around 150m

Key Features:

Compact Design & Volume Smallest of all Clyde Pneumatic Conveying machines allowing installation into most retrofit applications

For use in Multi-outlet Hopper Applications Typical installation on 2 - 4 process hopper outlets, normally grit type arrestors or multicyclones before ESPs

Materials Conveyed range of fine to coarse grit 0.1 - 5mm

Conveying Rate 0.5 tph maximum for system

Conveying Distance 150m maximum