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Ash Vessel

The Clyde Ash Vessel has been installed across hundreds of Ash Handling applications worldwide.

Particularly well suited to multi-outlet hopper applications normally associated with particulate collectors such as ESPs and Fabric Filters.

This machine offers many advantages due to its compact design and ultra efficient operating and maintenance regime

Key Features:

Compact Design & Volume One of the small machines on the market capable of being supported from the process hopper if required

For use in Multi-outlet Hopper Applications Typically installation on 2 - 8 process hopper outlets, normally ESP | Bag Filter or Boiler Hoppers

Conveying Rate 0.5 - 15 tph

Conveying Distance 50 - 250m

Hoppers Run Empty Process hoppers are maintained in a nearly empty condition to avoid bridging and blocking

Custom Features:

Hopper or Floor Mounting Can be either hung from the process hopper or mounted from the floor or structure below